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Mr. David Blanchette

6th Grade Team Teacher & Spanish 1 & 2

Mr. David Blanchette

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Monday to Friday - 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

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What do you love most about teaching?

What I love most about teaching is that I get to be part of people’s lives– in that I can both convey important information to them and learn myself.


What do you love most about New Harvest Christian School (NHCS)?

What I love most about New Harvest Christian School is that everyone here sincerely loves Jesus and we all take very seriously the lives we are shaping.


What do you think students love most about NHCS?

I think the students here love the atmosphere above all, as it is, not just loving and nurturing, but safe and sound. It’s also like a family, in that no one gets left out.


What’s your favorite Bible verse?

My favorite Bible verse is James 1:22, “Be readers and doers”.


What are your spiritual gifts and talents and how do you use them at New Harvest Christian School?

My spiritual gifts and talents are: discernment, teaching, humor and art. They help me to give sound biblical teaching and mentoring. They also help me to teach academics and make them interesting as I teach them.


After the Bible, what is your favorite book and why?

Besides the Bible, my favorite book is Holiness by J.C. Ryle. I really appreciate this book because it does well to convict, encourage, and inspire me to live in a way that honors God.


What is your favorite food?

Due to health issues I can’t really eat anything nowadays, but plain veggies and plain meats….I used to really enjoy pizza like most people. So, my favorite food is food, because it’s fuel for my body to live.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I don’t eat ice cream due to health issues.



What is your favorite song?

My favorite song is “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” by Three Mo Tenors


What is your favorite field trip or special project your school has taken/completed?

My favorite fieldtrip is practicing our Spanish in person at a restaurant.

What do you like most about the families or parents that enroll their children at New Harvest Christian School?

What I like most about the families of the students is that they are genuinely invested in their children’s lives. They encourage their children to be responsible students and to make God a priority in their lives.

What is your training?

Academic: I have an A.S. in the Humanities, an A.S. in Addictive Disorders and a B.A. in Spanish. I’m also certified in Counseling and certified in various Biblical Studies.

Hands on: I tutored and was a supplementary instructor at both Ventura and Oxnard colleges for 4 years. I have taught Spanish for 8 years, English for 7 years and P.E. for 5 years to middle school and high school grades. I have also taught chapel for 5 years, was a school counselor for 2 years and an addictive disorders counselor for 3 years.

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